Welcome to faavorite—putting your Twitter favorites to work…

We are both saddened and sorry to announce that we are sunsetting faavorite.
It’s been a blast, but faavorite’s time has come to an end.

It is with great sadness that we are announcing the sunsetting of faavorite. faavorite was our first big side project. It was, however, a little too big…

Over the past year or so, faavorite grew, and with it so did its hardware requirements. With little to no time available to work on the product, escalating costs, and no external funding, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided that we cannot continue the faavorite project any longer.

All is not lost, however; we are keen to make the entire faavorite codebase available on GitHub as soon as possible. Keep an eye on either of our Twitter accounts for any announcements.

It’s been fun,
Nick and Harry

An app that was by @makeusabrew and @csswizardry.